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We get another treat from the Green Dandelyin’ this week:

Buying local foods also helps to reduce your environmental impact

Long time readers know this is far from true. We’d ask the student to prove it. But you know the answer we’d get. If you are a U of R student, you just get to make stuff up and get it happily promoted. Focusing on food miles is like claiming my suburban home costs more than Al Gore’s mansion because one of my doorknobs is more expensive than one of his.

My absolute favorite part of the post is that the included picture includes one sign that can be made out. The sign is for Larry’s Cheese. He is actually a favorite vendor of many, or so I am told. It’s just that Larry’s not local. He’s from Niagara-Wheatfield. By this map, that’s only about 150 mile round trip each time Larry lugs his cheese from Buffalo to Rochester.


3 Responses to “It Must Be So Much Fun Just to Make Stuff Up”

  1. Hans Julianus says:

    Can you say 100 mile suit?!

  2. Harry says:

    I also noticed the tomatoes and sweet corn in the picture, which for Rochester would be mid July at the earliest, unless the produce came from Lancaster, PA. At the end of March, local produce means last year’s turnips and rutabagas. You would think that the buy local crowd would teach gardening fundamentals, including when to plant near the shores of Lake Ontario.

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