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Friday Fun

What’s on tap this weekend? Wintercow’s Rustic Farmhouse Ale – kegged and ready to go. I have this dream of being able to custom brew to order shortly (and possibly at cost, or close to it). More details coming over the summer.

Rustic Farmhouse Ale

Rustic Farmhouse Ale

Working on the Wintercow Brew Barn is far more fun than dealing with this.

8 Responses to “Friday Fun”

  1. Harry says:

    Entrepruneal WC. Thanks to the supremacy clause, governor (!) Cuomo does not have his clammy hands around WC’s shoulders exacting a tax for home- brewed ale.

    I am appalled by the attack on Steve, who writes a great philosophical blog. Is this the return of the Spanish Inquisiom? How far does tolerance for free speech go?

    For the record, no one in the Big Questions colloquy was arguing rapists’ rights, but even if they were, it ignores the bigger question of whether someone has legal standing to claim harm for money for being upset.

    Nobody is arguing, including Steve Landsburg, that the rape of a drunk woman, even by a virgin non-STD infertile boy, is moral. This is the twisted way the radical feminists think, as they do about late-term abortion, the camel’s nose under the tent.

    I had some great professors in college, tolerant of some good and some stupid ideas, as long as you did some of your homework. In retrospect, it may have been even more fun to have Steve and Mike to argue with. A Perfesser who brewed excess ale would have been — dare I say it? — a Godsend.

    We await Wintercow Udderdly Winter Ale.

    • Harry says:

      Boy, I went to Steve’s blog and saw the effects of the attack. Sorry that I have a book to read before I explore all of your learned colleague puts forth. He is a big idea machine on big ideas. Nearly all of the commentary is thoughtful and well- written.

      So , we pay a quarter of a million dollars today to get a certificate made of parchment, while we can get free Rizzo and Landsburg classes? The kids should be protesting in front of the President’s house for fair play for Cuba or free rubbers, far more worthy than muzzling a good teacher.

      • Harry says:

        Should have written, ” …all of what” your learned colleague writes. I blame Steve Jobs and George Bush.

  2. Harry says:

    May I interpret that the reason for the lack of comments on this serious subject is that everybody has flocked to WC’s tsp?

    • Michael says:

      Unfortunately I’m no where near WC to try to get a free sample, or are you referring to the lack of comments on Steve’s blog?

  3. Harry says:

    I hope WC makes his Monday classes. He can pull out assorted brilliant lectures for any serious academic subject, or can talk about brewing, Yuengling versus Genessee, how they were financed, supply and demand for beer, the Germans, et cetera.

  4. alex says:

    test 2

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