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I assume some will find this in bad taste in light of last week’s tragedies in Boston. But just in case anyone was paying attention, we’re closing in on a dozen years since the WTC was destroyed and it’s rebuild is still not complete yet, so I find it hard to read notes that New Yorkers send to Boston with images of the “Freedom” tower reminding them that we bounce back.

By the way, it took a dozen years to rebuild a single building when an entire country supports that getting done. Remember this when folks believe we can rebuild the entire US energy infrastructure in the next 30 years using “green” energy. It took 60 years in a far less restrictive legal and economic environment to build out that much infrastructure and that was using “conventional” fuels.

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  1. Harry says:

    I do not know if you picked it up, but your Governor Cuomo managed to blend in a reference to Global Warming into his commentary on the Marathon bombing. In fairness, he did not say Global Warming had anything to do with the attack, and did not blame George Bush, either.

    Rather, he was making an imperial remark about “new normal” extreme events, as in weather, mass murder, and such. Nor did he use the occasion to attack fracking directly.

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