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If you read Coyote’s site enough, you might wish you had one. Here are three insane items from today:

  1. Student loan forgiveness getting serious play … remember that when someone tells you that “universities are non-profits” they might as well be saying, “Qghlm venta hulliamoomoo!” 
  2. Websites are going to have to accommodate the disabled. I am not really permitted to address this, but needless to say I’ve already run into some related issues on this topic. My two additional cents? Maybe this is an end-run around for-profit online education?
  3. Folks want to unbundle cable in order for them to stop paying for what they don’t watch (that, by the way, is probably not correct). Coyote makes a great analogy. Many people who support cable unbundling don’t undersstand that mandated health insurance coverages resemble the same thing. Nice.

Have a nice weekend. It’s time to start drinking (before that’s banned again too). 

In other news, this is normal for a rule-of-law respecting democracy. Blame George Bush.

Here is one question to leave you with – and be sure to ask it at your favorite cocktail party this weekend, “Just, what, exactly, IS permitted?” And just what, exactly, do people imagine the world should look like? Have someone actually articulate it to you instead of answering, “less messed up.”


3 Responses to “Did You Ever Hear of a Coyote Morning?”

  1. Harry says:

    Is WC still invited to parties…as a token punt returner?

    I would like to be present when Wintercow asks that question, and I wonder whether it might cause the questionee to spit out his/her cosmopolitan on Wintercow’s shirt.

  2. Scott says:

    Student loan forgiveness, aka a 10 or 20 year income based repayment plan, only 10 of income after living expenses. I have student debt. This horrible policy is absurdly biased in favor of my demographic.

    So if my fixed payment is set at $500 – if i make anything less than 5k a month (60k a year), AFTER taxes & expenses, I can decrease my payments by electing the income-based repayment plan. Unless I am not understanding the details of the repayment plan correctly.

    The 20 year limit also is a very significant, I believe that much student debt is repaid over periods longer than 20 years.

    It doesn’t take very many back of the envelope calculations to understand that a huge number of graduates will have major benefits from this.

    I would be very interested to hear if any readers of this site have an opinion: Should I, and others like me who are holding student debt, feel a moral obligation to not use this program? How should individual agents who stand to benefit from what they understand to be horrible macro policy react?

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