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Bizarro World

(1) Hedge fund manager supports minting of the trillion dollar coin (I think he’s advocating two of them or more).

(2) The IRS should be abolished.

(3) Homeland Security clamping down on Bitcoin. This, like the Health Care Law, is yet another Trojan Horse for the government to intervene or ban anything that can be deemed a “threat” to National Security. Pretty soon they’ll be closing down sites like mine too.


(4) Is Congo growing?

3 Responses to “Bizarro World”

  1. Harry says:

    1. If Milton Friedman ever advocated helicopter money, it would contradict his criticism of Jimmy Carter, who in effect wanted to dump money out of fixed-wing aircraft.

    2. Somebody has to collect the money for Caesar, Nero, and Caligula. I believe when the Colloseum was built, it was built over Nero’s lake, to show the populii that there was concern for the populii.

    So the tax collectors in Ancient Roman times lived to serve the Emperor. As Jay Carney or George Stephanopolous would say,”This is old news.”

    So it is not a big deal to target the Koch brothers, who idly and by accident happened to step into vast business success, and who seek to preserve our land of opportunity. Caesar is not happy with them, who do not acknowledge his divinity.

  2. Harry says:

    You got it right about bitcon. But don’t just worry about DHS. Kathleen Sibelius is there lurking, and scared, wondering what her monstrous baby will do as he grows up.

  3. Harry says:

    How the hell would anybody know whether Congo is growing? So you are from the World Bank, and you fly there with a huge pot of money, or you are a Harvard professor on a big grant, and you pay a visit. You have lunch with the dictator who takes you for a tour, and then invites you to look at the books, which are on a computer next to his desk and his getaway bag.

    I do know that the plants are growing there, assuming they have enough CO2 to breathe, and maybe the regime has smuggled in some Roundup Ready soybeans to feed the racehorses.

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