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Where is Wintercow?

Out grazing of course. See y’all (not too) soon.

From left, Emmons, Donaldson and Seward from Seymour Summit

And just because I can’t help but be perpetually in a bad mood – check out this line of reasoning, which I think is correct.  They say to substitute gas grills for (char)coal. I look forward to next week’s piece from them supporting fracking on the same exact grounds.

6 Responses to “Where is Wintercow?”

  1. Harry says:

    That is a terrific pic, WC. I can imagine the effort it took to get to that spot.

    Hope you made it back to camp by sundown.

    I prefer charcoal over propane, but then spit-roasting the venison over a campfire might be better.

    • Harry says:

      That pic would make one tough jigsaw puzzle.

    • Michael says:

      I try to use lump charcoal with a chimney starter, much better flavor in my opinion. Since it’s wood with no additives, I wonder if I get some carbon credit for going “renewable”? I don’t know what fuel is used to make it change form wood to charcoal.

      • Harry says:

        Haha, Michael. To get the carbon credits you have to fill out several schedules, providing both your EIN number and the last eight digits of your SSN number (is “number” redundant?).

        I just shoot some gasoline (10% ethanol) on my charcoal, throw a match downwind, and the fire is ready in twenty minutes. The genetically engineered soybeans and the other vegetation downwind take a deep breath.

        Good luck getting your carbon credits, Michael. If the government makes you rich, maybe you can treat Rizzo and me to lunch.

        Best wishes.

  2. wintercow20 says:

    That pic is taken from me standing on Seymour Mountain, looking south and west on the rest of the Seward Range. I hiked in over from the middle of the second of the three peaks in the distance, then over to the far left, back over the remaining two – down the one on the right and up to where I am standing. From the far left the peaks are Emmons, Donaldson and Seward. This is the far Northwest of the High Peaks area. A long day indeed, but well worth the huff and puff.

    • Harry says:

      Mount Seward.

      Thomas Jefferson and Seward put every other real estate person to shame, including Don Trump, Napoleon, and all the Kings of England.

      Let’s hear it for freedom, free trade, virtue, and having the cash at the right time.

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