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Unless you head has been mercifully been under a pillow, you would by now be familiar with the complete childish spitefulness coming from your Lords and Masters in DC. Among the most newsworthy and noteworthy “actions” taken by the Federal Government in response to the shutdown has been to close parks. Fine you say, parks are funded by the government, and if we run out of funds then it is reasonable to shut down those facilities.

Unless of course these facilities have contracts with private vendors, who not only fully staff and operate park facilities, but generate net revenues to the government. You’d surely suggest that since there are no federal employees involved in these recreation areas, and since they are a net gain not a drag on the public, and since they provide amenities nearly all Americans like, that these parks would remain open. You would be totally wrong of course. Read some of Coyote’s many posts on it to learn more about this pathetic behavior – including the apparent cronyism taking place that is allowing some politically favored (big) operations to remain open. That’s capitalism at work for ya, right?

In any case, the point of my post today is rather simple.

Photo Credit: Warren Meyer

Why are the windmills still spinning? Not only is the production and installation of many windmills publicly subsidized, but their very operation occurs almost exclusively because of Wind Production Tax Credits and Renewable Purchase Mandates that stem from the very federal government that is too poor and too worried about our safety to allow a campground to be open. And don’t tell me the windmills HAVE to spin because they are providing some sort of a valuable public service. They are a negligible part of our energy infrastructure, especially when it’s not the middle of summer when electricity demands would appear to be highest. They are a financial drain on consumers and taxpayers. And hey, they are pretty dangerous too – certainly more dangerous than a tent site with a wicked water spigot nearby.

What gives? Actually, that question is so stupid I should be banned from blogging for asking it? Well, I shouldn’t joke, I may end up banned from blogging someday soon if the folks in DC and their lovers get their way. In the name of the public good of course.

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  1. Harry says:

    I am sure Coyote noticed the poor punctuation in that sign, which signifies carelessness and contempt for its audience . In the big world, where real money is at stake, such carelessness might get one fired. But then, what is the consequence? You go on unemployment, get a SNAP card, and live like a poor person for the rest of your life, which is the goal, right?

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