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Since the Pope is the vicar of Christ on Earth and has a direct lifeline to the man upstairs, then I guess I don’t have to continue studying this issue:

Now, all we need him to do is to weigh in on monetary policy at the zero lower bound, the Great Stagnation and how to handle Intellectual Property. I thought God and His Catholics were supposed to give  a darn about the poor. Drastically lowering energy costs and cleaning the air of particulates doesn’t matter. In God-land, I guess 4 Legs Bad 2 Legs good is picking up steam. Episode 2947782 on why I am no longer a “real” Catholic.


6 Responses to “God Wishes Us to Ban Fracking”

  1. Harry says:

    Who are the two guys standing next to him? The guy on his left might have a Beretta in his right hand and is about to say, “Jettison cocoon!”

  2. Harry says:

    They are Argentinians. They meant, “No Al Franken.”

  3. Alex says:

    Isn’t the Pope expected to have official stances on all political issues? Doesn’t he release statements about presidential candidates and international events all the time? Would’ve been great if he had shown why having this stance made you a better catholic…but this isn’t unreasonable of him to do, right?

    • Harry says:

      It is not that common that the Pope weighs in on secular matters not connected with something canonical. We Protestant defenders of liberty liked the Polish Pope’s sticking his thumb in the eye of communist despots, but then other popes have told us to hand over all of our wealth to more deserving regimes.

      This time, who knows why, Il Papa has chosen in his infallible wisdom to merge the Roman Catholic Church with the Al Gore church, guessing that American progressivism and Luddism will help spread the Message.

      I sense that Wintercow is unimpressed with the Pope’s latest antics.

      Look, the Pope speaks Spanish, took four years of Latin, probably speaks Italian, and has read St, Thomas Aquinas and Copleston. But I would maintain he does not know the difference between fracking and Franken, a thirty trillion dollar misunderstanding.

      • Alex says:

        The Pope routinely comments publicly on current events/issues like military strikes (Francis), sparing the life of Troy Davis (Benedict), social networking and facebook (Benedict), dignitiy of women (John Paul II), majority rule (Benefict), or even…biodiversity and an ecological crisis (John Paul II).

        I guess he should be held to a higher standard given his influence. But it’s not correct to (implicitly) accuse him of misusing Papal Infallibility. The Pope only speaks infallibly when he addresses dogmatic issues and intends that his pronouncement constitutes a definitive statement which all Catholics must accept as the Church’s teaching. He’s a person with his own opinions and thoughts, and I think this is one of those.

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