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The definitely read-every-day-worthy Arnold Kling writes:

If I were the CEO of a health insurance company, I would engage in civil disobedience. I would design policies that are attractive to consumers, regardless of whether I offered those policies before and regardless of whether they satisfy regulatory mandates. I would then sell those policies to any customers who want them and defy the regulators to come in and take them away. I think in today’s environment, I could get away with that.

Aside from talking about what’s going on with ObamaCare (which we could have engulfed this blog with) I’d like simply to jump off here. Think about what kinds of “civil disobedience” are celebrated and which are not. My suspicion is that if a “capitalist” tried to practice “capitalist acts” as true civil disobedience, none of it would make its way to Upworthy and Facebook in any form of celebration. It would be roundly condemned. That seems … awkward. It’s the weekend, so I;m not expounding on that. Instead I’ll be pounding this instead.

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