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Foes say the buses jam up municipal bus stops and remove potential customers from cash-strapped public transportation systems, including regional rail service, that could use their revenue.

Right, so public transportation is not about delivering service people want at a good value? Not that this is news. I’m sure this will be totally ignored by anybody who cares.

A man who screamed at protest organizer Erin McElroy, 31, was later identified as a union worker who was pretending to be a Google employee upset at being delayed by the protest.

Increasingly, graffiti has appeared around town complaining about the buses.

“Google scum,” read one notice pasted to a light controller at the corner of South Van Ness Street, a major artery for the commuter buses, photographed by local resident George Lipp on Sunday. “Keep catching your bus,” read a notice on the other side of the light controller.

Nothing much to add here. Back to grading.

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