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Weekend Ponderance

From a student research paper,

From 2002 to 2012, 3,668 academic articles were written about them (GM foods) and yet not a single one has come to a credible negative conclusion about the health effects of these so-called “Frankenfoods.”

I’ll be putting up link to to 50 or so research papers in the near future.

5 Responses to “Weekend Ponderance”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    Makes one wonder if the “correct” conclusion wasn’t always implied for right-thinking folk. 🙂

  2. AIG says:

    Just how much is Monsanto paying you to be their corporate shill? :p

    • JB says:

      Ah, now there’s an intellectual response , because you lack the capacity or ambition to address the facts or the argument put forth, you attack the man’s motives.

      If you have a counterargument, please contribute constructively to the debate, or perhaps the crickets will answer for you.

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