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Just had the pleasure of watching Rocky with my daughter and that line above was one I missed when I first watched it 30 years ago. At the end of the epic fight, where Rocky had just gone the distance against Apollo (and lost), the news folks and TV folks are swarming Rocky, and upon seeing Adrian in the crowd come toward him to embrace him at the end of the fight, Rocky’s very first response had nothing at all to do with himself, how he felt, the fight, what he had just accomplished – nothing. Nope, what he worried about was that on her way to the ring from the dressing room, as she fought through the throngs of fans in the crowd, she managed to lose her red hat. And Rocky asked HER about that.

One Response to “Yo Adrian, Where’s Your Hat?”

  1. Greg Van Houten says:

    That’s because HIS brain was turned to mush.

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