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US Congress prevents Norwegian Airline from flying in America. My favorite part:

 because of concerns the low-cost carrier will dodge international labor rules.

That’s pretty darn laughable seeing as the Scandinavians are held out as the most socially just and fair countries on Earth. If not them, whom?

One Response to “So We Don’t Want to Be More Like Norway?”

  1. Harry says:

    Looking at Plane Finder, it looks like Norwegan Air flies to LGA and LAX, and it looks like UA flies to JFK , which may explain why the pilots want them out of there.

    Last time I looked at a US Air ticket to Europe, there were hundreds of dollars of US fees added. True, some of this goes to customs to pay for inbound screening, but it cannot be to pay for TSA screening outbound, since they screen everybody, domestic and international passengers alike.

    Apparently the pilots, who have contributed greatly to numerous bankruptcies and shotgun weddings of the airline industry, are up to the same old stuff , this time alleging that flight attendants from Singapore work more cheaply than flight attendants from Marina Del Rey. For this we get mixed nuts and barbecue potato chips for lunch in first class if the plane is scheduled to depart at 11:59 AM local time. And, as we approach the End of Time, congress persons spend time on this .

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