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It is moderately puzzling to see people celebrate the success of Obamacare based on how many uninsured it turns into being insured. That, to me, seems pretty easy to do, even for what many believe is a dysfunctional government – particularly when there is a law that makes it illegal NOT to have insurance. But hey, if we lower the bar for success enough, we can all get trophies for just showing up to play.

Which brings me to our thought for the day. This report suggests that nearly 10 million Americans are newly insured. How much do you think the PPACA has already spent to date in order to make this happen? I can’t actually find this information – you would think that an honest and responsible and accountable government would make this easy to ascertain. Perhaps the folks at Vox have some snazzy “cards” on it, but I can’t find them from a cursory look. Since I can’t readily find it, please indulge this thought. If the law was supposed to cost a trillion over a decade, and since about 4 years have passed since its passage, is it safe to say that the law has spent $400 billion so far? If this is the case, then we are all getting warm and fuzzy about a law that forces people to obtain insurance, and did it for approximately $40,000 per newly insured person.

$40,000 per newly insured person.

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  1. Alex says:

    wouldn’t it be worth showing why $40,000 is so absurd to just get somebody insured? also, who were the newly insured people? People that never wanted health insurance, or people who kinda couldn’t afford it? I’m sure people out there could think that 40K is a cost worth paying, saying things like “if that’s what justice costs then fine” or “if it covers preventative care, that’ll save money in the long run”…even if it is the same amount as the average cost for 2.5 years worth of insurance for the average family.

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