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Lest one wonder if Wintercow has truly disconnected I’ll just remind folks that I’m not permitted to comment on the goings on in Ferguson or Iraq or Palestine or just about anywhere for that matter. I’m a resident member and practicing oppressor, paid by corporations and clandestine organizations to subtly promote and continue this oppression and am so wholly disconnected from the ongoings in such places as to not have a right to speak about it. The same is true for economics where I just make stuff up to suit my prejudices.

So, we’re either going dark here at TUW or just plain vanilla – which means it won’t be worth reading much anyway. I’ve been posting elsewhere and under a different name in the hope that readers who are not already attracted to the ideas might find something useful, where the tone is calm, where the view of all opponents is taken more charitably and where hopefully it is easier to take on some more controversial topics than over here – and here being a physical place as well.

For now, all I’ve got to say is that the world would be a heck of a lot better if … well, maybe you can fill in the blank. I prefer, “everyone ate more Poutine.” YMMV.

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  1. Will you give us no clue as to your new home; in cryptic verse perchance?

    • Harry says:

      Yes, Question Master, but we have to have the cipher from the same page in Moby Dick. I would gladly go to a page where Wintercow were identified as Winterthur Zeus Burke Champion (EX-GM), but right now I hope for WC’s routinely intellectual challenging commentary, even if he has to skate close to the boards of political correctness to keep his job and feed his herd. Many of his students and friends appreciate his thoughtful courage.

      When WC is off hiking, he also does great pictures.

  2. Harry says:

    Occasionally Wintercow is not clear in his general comments, and I as an interested fan of his blog will forgive intentional vague comments. However, we fans look forward each Fall to Wintercow doing a first draft warm up to his lectures, which inform and enlighten us. I very often read very fresh ideas about things I had (falsely) assumed were settled matters. Sometimes, WC writes of something I knew nothing at all.

    So, as one loyal reader, may I ask WC not to water down his expert writing on economics and philosophy? Indeed, if I have a complaint, it is that WC often concedes too many givens to invite argument from others who might dogmatically dive into the weeds. I understand that to have a reasonable discussion about ideas, one has to get the side arguments out of the way, but even the least sympathetic people to WC’s ideas have to concede to WC’s insistent search for a challenge to his own argument, whatever that might be.

    One appealing feature about TUW is that the conversation is generally polite, perhaps because WC, being the webmaster, has supervised his blog well. If I have made any comment that may have offended anybody in the University establishment, please accept my sincere apology for using any words that you may have found offensive. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I promise to assess my carbon footprint, and then roll over, or bend over, to your most generous wishes, whatever gets me invited to your splendid party.

    I also look forward to reading about what amuses WC as he gets to work early in the morning, winding up for another rousing day. We readers use him to plow through the BER reports and look for attendance figures at the U of R solar picnic table, especially in November. We also like the mountain pictures.

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