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Of course, NONE of this will persuade anyone, but I do think that they each lay out honestly and clearly what “the” debate is all about. Note that my posting does not equate to my sanctioning. And note, vis-a-vis the Sumner piece, that the word sanctioning has multiple meanings.

First, here are John Cochrane’s remarks at a memorial conference held for Gary Becker on the topic of inequality and why we care.

Second, here is Scott Sumner on Good Theft and Bad Theft.

3 Responses to “A Few Internet Cat Videos”

  1. Harry says:

    Gary Becker, pictured in Harkness Hall, four or five steps from WC’s office. Milton Friedman is on the same side, as I remember. These people spoke at a big occasion at the U of at, Wintercow students, so when you go to WC’s office hours, take a look.

    These people are not deities, just very thoughtful people who worked hard to write and read, clarifying their ideas, publishing readable books, and winning Nobel prizes from the Swedish organization that generally awards prizes for being original.

  2. Harry says:

    Sorry, that post was a little garbled because of iOS 8. For example, I meant to refer to the U of R. All further garbled sentences will be blamed on Apple software engineers.

  3. Harry says:

    Boy, wouldn’t it great to spend an idle afternoon, when it is cold and snowy outside, with Scott Sumner? I would fix the coffee, and would provide other beverages.

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