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Who wants to bet?

Another “scientific” claim is that global warming and our profilgate selves will cause us to run out of chocolate.

We won’t. My prediction is not only will be not run out, but global chocolate prices 30 years from now will be lower than they are today, and more people will be able to obtain chocoloate, should they want it, 30 years from now than do today. Of course this assumes our health consciousness does not get in the way, or better yet that the nutrition nannies don’t ban the stuff before that time comes.

One Response to “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

  1. Harry says:

    So, to get good sushi and chocolate we have to get used to cold showers and ride bicycles?

    This is the reason why WC should write a high school economics primer and get Congress mandate its study.

    Of course if the government takes over pricing cocoa, there will be shortages of cocoa for the people supervised by that government, just as there will be shortages of toilet paper, and a black market for both. My bet is on the same side as WC, that some people in the world will respond to rising cocoa prices, and that people will substitute Atlantic tuna for Pacific tuna.

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