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On Agendas

Is there any reason to believe that folks who have a “corporate agenda” are any more or less trustworthy, or shills, or misleading, or whatever pejorative you wish to use, than the myriad folks who have an “anti-corporate” agenda? It’s not as if there is not a huge bucketful of money and fame and celebrity that would accrue to someone who was an activist for the “cause” of either side.

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  1. jb says:

    The media seems to beat anyone up who cites studies supported by fossil fuel-related firms. I have a very good friend of lefty persuasion who saw a documentary demonstrating that several studies concluding that global warming is not a threat are in fact funded by energy companies or others with a vested interest in downplaying or dismissing global warming. I know there are also myriad interests who benefit financially or otherwise by propagating the idea of global warming. Has anyone catalogued or otherwise articulated how self interest can be affecting research with findings going the other way?

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