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I hate to use the word anti-science or pro-science, I think for obvious reasons, but nonethless I use it.

Here are some random findings:

We could of course populate this with thousands and thousands of entries. For some particularly interesting historical illustrations, I really recommend two math history books I’ve just finished, one on the history of pi and the other on the history of zero.

One Response to “The Idea of Consensus is Anti-Science”

  1. sherlock says:

    Funny how this stuff works. Compounds containing the fluoride ion are highly toxic. “Toxic” in the actual meaning of the word, which is dependent on the dose. Not the “toxic” which people use to mean “bad” or whatever they’re trying to say about scary chemicals. The fluoride ion is attracted to the calcium in your your blood, creating calcium fluoride. This leads to hypocalcaemia.
    Now why don’t I see all the articles about how the government is purposely adding highly toxic chemicals to our drinking water? Granted, it’s no where close to being toxic at the levels they are adding it*, but WHY TAKE THE CHANCE?!?

    *I haven’t done the math out, but I’d wager you’d die of water toxicity before you died of fluoride toxicity, if you were to try to drink enough water to get to toxic levels of fluoride.

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