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Can someone do the following calculation or at least ask the question? How much political capital and actual resources have been dedicated over the last 20 years in promoting ethanol, wind, solar, electric cars, green jobs, etc.? How much political and propagandic energy has been expended in discussing signing on to major climate agreements?

What if we had taken all of this energy and resources and directed them into the passage of even a modest carbon tax starting in 1995? What if we had taken all of these resources and poured them into replacing all of our coal plants with natural gas? Where would be we in terms of emissions today and in terms of our legitimacy in the eyes of the global warming community? Where would my university be if instead of spending millions on LEED buildings and tens of thousands on “green” trash cans and recycling and eco-benches, it has installed water and electricity metering across campus?

Inquiring minds may want to know.

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