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  1. Evidence for Hanson’s filter? I find this one terrifying.
  2. Here is Marty Weitzman on negotiating global minimum carbon prices. The difficulty, as I see it, is that the “extra benefit” that country A receives from countries B through Z reducing carbon, can in fact, be negative.
  3. Gary Gorton on safe assets.  I know I am conflating terms here, but if the safest bank instruments are subject to runs, then maybe they are not safe. I am firmly in the John Cochrane camp on this one.
  4. The kinds of inequality that matter: mortality inequality, for example. What has happened over time? Sure to be front page news. “we show that among infants, children, and young adults,
    mortality has been falling more quickly in poorer areas with the result that inequality in mortality has fallen substantially over time.  This is an important result given the growing literature showing that good health in childhood predicts better health in adulthood and suggests that today’s children are likely to face considerably less inequality in mortality as they age than current adults. We also show that there have been stunning declines in mortality rates for African-Americans between 1990 and 2010, especially for black men. “
  5. Incentives matter. The behavioral experts are, as they say, “too cute by half.”
  6. Even Adam Smith knew there were limits to the productivity gains to be had in a pin factory.
  7. MV=PY? Not in colonial America! Another fascinating paper by the widely underappreciaed Farley Grubb.
  8. This is the second paper in the past month showing “efficient cheating.” I would score this one for Caplan over Hanson on the purpose of education.
  9. More evidence that the middle class has “hollowed-out.”
  10. ObamaCare coverage.

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