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  1. Forcing people to vote … only … forces people to vote. No improvement in election outcomes. I find it hilarious that we can call it a “democracy” if you are forced to vote.
  2. Why Dodd-Frank will fail? The history of deposit insurance shows that it increases systemic risk, and of course, is instituted as a fairly well-hidden subsidy to certain classes of citizens. This is banking dog bites man stuff.
  3. Lee Ohanian in the next volley of academic ping-pong (i.e. supply vs. demand side shocks in explaining the GD and GR)
  4. Will John List be the next experimentalist to win a Nobel Prize?
  5. A “free” way to improve K12 performance?  The mechanisms are of interest.
  6. The value of a good teacher goes beyond test scores – glad to see someone actually trying to incorporate this more formally.

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