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If someone had told two years ago that one party was going to run a ticket with two ex-governors who were regarded as competent and scandal-free while another party was going to run Trump, which would you have guessed would be the mainstream party and which would you have guessed would be the wacko third party?

Between now and November, could the mainstream media take notice of this? How would it affect the race if the media started to take the — ticket seriously?

I took out one word from the original quote, to drive the point home a bit more. Of course Arnold is hallucinating. “The media” will not take it seriously, and most people get their jollies off by saying they are a Team Reebok member or Team Nike member. So it will be a long, cold day in hell when something changes.

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  1. Gabe says:

    And then came Under Armour.

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