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Heads nod vigorously when it is argued that Americans (and others) “overconsume.” Assume we even know what that means (for example, do I overconsume time playing my guitar? Do I overconsume time on ice with the kids?), I wonder what exactly would be included in such a claim. Do folks who argue that “markets” tend toward overconsumption willingly admit that in addition to us consuming shiny new barbecues and shiny new cars and boats and large houses, that we also consume “too much” health care? After all, are we not told we have a health care crisis? So it should follow that our overconsumption includes not just health care, but also all of the computers, rooms, auditoriums, tests, instruments, concerts, etc. that are part of our educational system, correct? We don’t need iPads in every room do we? Is that out of control run away capitalism that is causing that?

I am ALL IN for reducing consumption of all kinds – including weapons, guns, tanks, K12 teachers, emergency rooms, etc. … who’s with me?


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  1. Marx predicted that runaway capitalism would die in an orgy of overproduction, ironically where workers would be paid so little that no one could buy all of that stuff. Most people would starve among plenty.

    We outsmarted Marx by overconsuming all of the production at even lower prices, and we still want more. Evil capitalists found a way to survive, those bastards.

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