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Eco 108 is Malarkey!

When you sit through a Physics 101 course, you are taught fundamental laws of motion, particularly Newtownian mechanics. You are then assigned problems that may go something like: you jump naked off of the Freedom Tower, and there is no wind velocity in any direction. How long until impact?

And then you go ahead and do a simple calculation and recognize that in no short time, you are a pancake on the ground.

But then, aha, an erudite college professor and her acolytes sniffs something wrong about this. They just KNOW that Physics 101 is false. Why? Well, they read an article that mentioned some stuff Einstein worked on. And in Eintstein’s work, he demonstrated a subtle way of thinking that blended space and time into a richer picture of how the world actual works. One application of his insights is that as objects speed up, they actually become more massive and shrink.


Physics 108 is mierde!

Your calculations in Physics 108 are wrong, because as you leap from the building, you must shrink, and therefore your calculations of how long it takes to hit the ground are attenuated from reality.

Ergo you can ignore the hegemony imposed on us by the so called “laws” of physics.

Have a lovely day.


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