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The way forward must therefore involve bolstering an emotionally compelling narrative of freedom which foregrounds the threats ema­nating from a politics of psychic redistribution. Government has an important role to play here, balancing the teaching of minoritarian narratives of slavery, Jim Crow, and the Holocaust with an equivalent appreciation of the illiberal atrocities and cultural totalitarianism committed by perfectionists claiming to speak for the weak, like Stalin and Mao. Revulsion at the thought control portrayed in Orwell’s 1984 needs to become a cultural reflex. This will balance today’s minoritarian liberal sensibility with an equally potent vigi­lance against the threats that those speaking the language of equality pose to expressive freedom.

Communism is majoritarian, but its central cultural program—ideological control of free speech, internal purging of the impure, authoritarian and arbitrary justice, brainwashing, and prop­aganda—have been taken over by today’s minoritarian Left. Today’s liberal fear of majority tyranny must be counterbalanced by the horror of leftist thought control in order to undergird a rational liberal order that prioritizes science, logic, and evidence over left-modernism’s feelings-based, minoritarian epistemology. Together with an appeal to national solidarity and the falling intellectual pres­tige of wokeness, a more balanced liberalism can reappear to restore sanity.

2 Responses to “Desacrilize Woke Fundamentalism”

  1. blink says:

    I agree in spirt and sentiment, but is this intended as practical advice for actual change? In that case, it comes off as Pollyanish. Want to get rid of a bad policy? Change people’s minds! What your candidate elected to office? Change people’s minds! Well, sure if everyone agrees we are done, but how does that come about?

    • wintercow20 says:

      There is no practice advice, which is part of the challenge. Rejecting woke fundamentalism (believe me, it is a method of making everyone think they are crazy, and changing the meaning of language as a way to enforce a new power dynamic) is simply going allow the ground to become fertile again for whatever liberal society bubbles back up. Sometimes just saying “no” is enough.

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