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A lovely story:

To generate “settlers,” the government reinstated the hated system of domestic passports that had been banned after the 1917 Bolshevik coup.

Almost immediately, police throughout the country began rounding up anyone found in a place other than where they were registered.

He was a miner from Novokuznetsk. Married, with two children. Once he went to Novosibirsk and stopped at the central market,” Panovaya recalled. “At that moment, they surrounded the market, set up a dragnet, and arrested everyone who wasn’t carrying documents. Everyone – including women and children – was loaded onto a barge and sent to Nazinsky Island.”

Asked for details, he said: “It was very simple. Just like shashlik. We made skewers from willow branches, cut it into pieces, stuck it on the skewers, and roasted it over the campfire.”

“I picked those who were not quite living, but not yet quite dead,” he added. “It was obvious that they were about to go – that in a day or two, they’d give up. So it was easier for them that way. Now. Quickly. Without suffering for another two or three days.”

Others described women who were tied to trees while men cut off their breasts, calves, and other body parts.

Real socialism.

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