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My father-in-law’s home was, for many many years, heated by coal. (In my own apartment in NYC, we had oil heat, which I contend is no better). The job of the coal delivery driver was not at all fun. He had to muscle and finagle an enormous truck close enough to the house so that […]

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304 Greenbush Street, Scranton, PA

My father-in-law;s family emigrated from Poland to end up working in the coal mines of Scranton, PA (really Dickson City).  Here is the home he grew up in: Just wanted to share a few things about his life not so long ago. Just northwest of this house up the hill was one of very many […]

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Giovinazzo, Bari, Italy

My family came to the United States starting 100 years ago from this tiny Adriatic seaside town in southeastern Italy. This photo of Giovinazzo is courtesy of Tripadvisor

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