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Didn’t get any emails this week. A few questions:

(1) Should the college abolish grading? Or do anything about grade inflation?

(2) If the NFL players who were taking a knee happened to be white, would there by as much backlash against the players?

(3) Did you see Angus Deaton’s new results on American mortality? The news story is going to be that middle aged white people are killing themselves with drugs, alcohol and suicide … what do you think is happening to the mortality profile for black Americans and other URM?

(4) Why is Thanksgiving the greatest holiday ever? Are you not amazed that food is not more expensive on Thanksgiving?

(5) Which holiday should be abolished? Should we add more holidays? When? Should we all have off for month of August? Why isn’t the school schedule different? And more.

(6) Why does the University spend so much time marketing? Isn’t the campus itself mostly opposed to advertising and marketing? Why does the University so aggressively oppose being taxed more? Are not the majority of students and faculty supportive of more progressive taxation, higher taxation, more government control over markets?

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