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  • Moloch, whose fate is a cloud of sexless hydrogen!” –> we will read this one carefully and discuss. Is it “prisoners’ dilemmas all the way down?” Can we wish away Moloch? Can we pray it away? Will it go quietly into the night?
  • Does our attempt to educate everybody turn higher education into Applebees?
  • When, and how, ought we use non-money price rationing?


This may resonate with some of you. James Buchanan in 1966 wrote”Economics and its Scientific Neighbors”

The economist’s stock in trade — his tools — lies in his ability to and proclivity to think about all questions in terms of alternatives.  The truth judgement of the moralist, which says that something is either wholly right or wholly wrong, is foreign to him.  The win-lose, yes-no discussion of politics is not within his purview.  He does not recognize the either-or, the all-or-nothing situation as his own.  His is not the world of the mutually exclusive.  Instead, his is the world of adjustment, of coordinated conflict, of mutual gain.

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