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This series will be devoted to celebrating the bounty that free markets and the rule of law have brought unto all of us Americans.

This morning I went to Office Depot and purchased 50 blank CD-R discs for $8.00. I had no cash, so I used a plastic card that automatically withdraws money from my checking account without me having to write a check or visit the bank to withdraw cash (I never even had to go there to put money in in the first place!). With these discs, I will be burning over 50 hours worth of lectures on economics, philosophy and history from the Foundation for Economic Education and the Mises Institute. The cost of the lectures? Zero out of pocket. FEE is in New York. Mises is in Alabama. I am in Kentucky. I will be enjoying these lectures as I drive in an air conditioned car from here to Newport, Rhode Island to work at the U.S. Women’s Open Golf Championships. This would have been unthinkable as recently as 10 years ago.

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