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Happy Spring

We are very glad to see that you have clicked through the link.

If you have found your way to this page by honestly navigating to it via scrolling through the extra materials you have found in the course, then please follow the directions that follow. If you were given the link to this page and did not come to it of your own accord, please disregard the page. We have done some statistical checking on the share of students who have clicked similar links in the past and links through other course materials, so if we see an outsized number of responses here that will alert us to a strong possibility of Academic Dishonesty.


You do NOT have to complete the fourth exam. If you do not wish to do the exam, simply upload a document into your exam submission indicating that Professor Rizzo has given you an exemption.

If you DO wish to complete the fourth exam regardless, you can weigh the questions on the exam ANY way you wish. So, instead of each question counting the same, I’d  like for you to CLEARLY indicate on the exam submission how many points each question should be counted. You may choose any value between zero points through the full exam credit.

If you share any of this information with a classmate prior to the exam submission time, you will receive a failing grade for the course.

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