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If you’re single and yearn to live in a city with lots of other single people, Money magazine’s data suggests moving to Bloomington, Indiana, where 58.2% of the population is unattached.

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If you observe that every time you wake up with a headache that you have your shoes on from the night before, would you conclude that wearing shoes to bed causes hangovers? Or more to the point, if you are single and looking for a mate, would you rather go to a place where there are lots of singles looking for a mate, or a place where there are fewer singles looking for a mate? If you care about quality, the answer may not be as obvious as Money magazine suggests. It would also be interesting to see the money list that excludes college towns. Every single one on their top ten list is a known “party college town” or someplace very near it (e.g. Somerville, MA).


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