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If this keeps up I might actually start believing that being an economist makes me useful to society. At least I can provide some entertainment for some. Hear me talk about a variety of topics with Sinclair Noe on the very fine KFNN in Phoenix. We covered the new ISM Report on Manufacturing activity, the IMF and World Bank, whether we are in danger of running out of various commodities, and more. Do not expect to hear much gloom and doom from me, per usual, unless we are talking about whether we have a free market or not, and the prospects for it in the future.

Sinclair asked me how am I so confident that freedom works if there really has never been a free society (it is easy to do nonetheless), and I would add one more obvious piece of analysis. In grad school we often do proofs by contradiction. So all I needed to really say was, USSR, Cuba, North Korea, Burma, etc. It just seemed too cute to say that on air. Tell me what you think!

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  2. Earl Trout says:

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