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Giant Blowing Sound

I propose that anyone who is opposed to the offshoring of jobs and who uses that notion as a scare tactic to gain political favor also be opposed to the inshoring of jobs as well.

Matthew Slaughter, in an OpEd in yesterday’s WSJ, reminds us that,

In 2005, insourcing companies employed nearly 5.1 million Americans, 4.4% of the private-sector labor force.

 In 2005, compensation per worker at insourcing companies was $66,042 — 31.8% above the average for the rest of the private sector of $50,124

Isn’t trade just horrible? The end of humanity! Think of how the poor citizens of those countries that are exporting their jobs to us feel!And I write this as I am enjoying a cold juice grape that came from Chile. It is 30 degrees here in Massachusetts right now and the ground is still frozen.

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