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Blurring the Lines

According to the College Board, the average freshmen at Yale – a “private” institution with a tax-exempt endowment in the $20 billion range – receives over $11,000 in government grants to help pay for his education.

The average freshmen at Mississippi State and the University of Mississippi – both public institutions – receive just over $4,000.

That from a piece on how Yale students substantially underperform Mississippi public college students on a test of America’s history and institutions. But there must be some value that these stupid tests don’t pick up? Isn’t it missing the importance of taking courses in things like Cherokee Poetry Studies?

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  1. Michael says:

    Let me preface by saying I understand a lot of other things are at stake, but I find it also interesting that Mississippi scored well with two universities (6th and 10th) in education by these standards, but is a significant economic underperformer as a state.

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