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I believe it’s the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in Sante Fe, NM. Be that as it may, my brother Andrew will be playing the lead in an eponymous movie.

In July, they’ll begin shooting their first full-length feature film titled “The Best Bar in America.” The brothers describe the Montana-based adventure-comedy about three men who travel the state’s bars, taverns and saloons as a “belligerent ‘Sideways’ where instead of sipping wine in California they are sipping whiskey in Montana.”

The story revolves around two men, Sanders and Ramirez, who meet at the beginning of the movie and travel together on Sander’s beat-up motorcycle and sidecar. When the old bike finally dies along the side of the road, the two men hitch a ride in a VW van driven by an elderly man named Northway.

Though vastly different, the three men share an appreciation of local watering holes and they begin a chaotic tour of Montana’s finest (and most interesting) bars, discovering along the way a depth to local bars that is often overlooked.

“One of the epiphanies of the film is that rather than it just being a room full of people drinking alcohol there is actually a deeper culture to it and a wisdom that exists in those places as the modern day campfire. It’s a place to exchange stories and a place to exchange wisdom,” Eric explained.

You can read more about it here.

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