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Take a Number

This is getting funny. As if the mortgage bailout plan wasn’t ridiculous enough, everyone and their brother is now coming to Uncle Hank and Uncle Ben for a little help. You know, for a vital national interest.

Major problems with the bailout include provisions for Hank to have no oversight (do we really Trust the executive branch anymore?) plus it also is not clear about what assets Uncle Hank is allowed to buy. Instead of specifying mortgage backed securities, it contains open ended language including the term, “other assets as deemed necessary to stabilize financial markets.”

Uh oh. We should have let Bear go down. Once we walked down that path look who is standing in line next:

  • auto finance companies
  • student loan companies
  • and credit card companies will soon be knocking.

Perhaps my University can go get a handout too – it is in the vital public interest that our students don’t shell out so much money just tp pay my silly salary. While we are at it, why don’t all of us knock on our neighbors’ doors … all options should be on the table in times of crisis, no?

3 Responses to “Take a Number”

  1. Speedmaster says:

    They’re all lining up at the trough.

  2. Econobran says:

    What about limiting the exec pay salaries? I think all this rhetoric about “change” and the bitterness of the American public is leading us down a slippery slope. I would feel much more optimistic about the next few years if someone could argue to the contrary.

  3. Patrick Carter says:

    Ahem, I as representing the Weasel Breeders of America request that we receive funds for out Weasel Breeding Crisis. Big Weasel Companies have lent weasels to folks who cannot afford them, and invested in shifty foreign weasels. We now have a Weasel crisis that could lead to your small Ma and Pa Weasel Breeding Farm going out of business. How much money do we need? Hmmm let’s see, not much just a few hundred million.

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