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On this scary day I stop to think about how scary people used to think jobs in the manufacturing sector were. Indeed, much of the anti-market sentiment that developed in the middle of the 19th century derived from worries that factories were soulless, immiserating places where the joy of life was removed from exploited workers, and the fat-cats who owned the factories ran away with all of the profits (there is something emprically testable here, by the way).

The apex of the admonishment of factory life was perhaps here.

It is even scarier to note how things have changed. Manufacturing jobs are ennobling, and are the essence of the American way of life! Manufacturing jobs are good paying and enjoyable too. Of course the cycle continues, with whatever job is new being ridiculed while we romanticize the jobs from the past. I never thought this was funny however. But I thought this was funny.

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  1. Speedmaster says:

    I don’t understand the fetish so many have with manufacturing jobs. There’s even an editorial piece in today’s D&C that laments the loss of manufacturing jobs.

    I often ask people, would you prefer your kids to factory workers? Or doctors, nurses, accountants, pilots, etc.? The latter of course are all service jobs. 😉

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