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Amber Waves of …



Building Material?

Oh yeah, Grain too.

I love this show. Watch the show. Then imagine all of the entrepreneurs out there working with the thousands of agricultural products we use and have yet to discover …

That’s the creative part of creative destruction … and perhaps reflecting on it will brighten your day during these seemingly tough economic times.

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  1. jb says:

    It is fascinating. Unfortunately what is lost on most people is that there is no single individual or entity that figures out how to put pasta on your table. There are only individuals and firms making individual decisions to maximize their own well being: farmers, fertilizer producers, truckers, packagers, processors, etc. Each of them really only needs to know the prices of their inputs and the product or service they provide. Nobody plans this, yet mirculously all we have to do is stop by the market to get our pasta. And its always there, and the quality and variety only gets better with time. It makes me furious when people tell me “markets don’t work.”

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