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When the messiah speaks …

Every economist, even those who may quibble with the details of the makeup in a package, will agree that if you’ve got a trillion dollars in lost demand this year, and a trillion dollars in lost demand next year, then you’ve got to have a big enough recovery package to actually make up for those lost jobs and lost demand.”

Either my credential is a bunch of BS (well, there is something to it), or somehow I changed my understanding of how economics works while I was sleeping last night. Sorta sounds like something 43 would have uttered.

One Response to “Well, if he says so …”

  1. Michael says:

    Interstingly, one of my environmental econ teachers is very liberal and thinks the recession is great for our ecosystem. (The recession is giving it a break). I guess he’s not an economist either. I figured I wasn’t by default since I disagree with the chosen one.

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