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When asked during his news conference what he thought about the A-Rod steroid revelation, President Obama said something to the effect that, “I hope this is a lesson for all of the kids out there … that there are no shortcuts, no easy ways out … and that if you do that your reputation will be tarnished …”

Funny coming from a guy who just minutes earlier chastised economists like me who understand that the best course of action during this downturn is to patiently deal with the difficult adjustment process and not impatiently rush into expending an amount of resources that exceeds the national output of Australia, and resources that “we the people” have not yet created. I hope when the annals of history are written, they put an Asterisk next to the discussion of every President: (*) this President participated during the Steroid era of government.

2 Responses to “O-Rod”

  1. Patrick says:

    Every one since FDR. Maybe earlier than that, actually. TR might have really started it (fake progressive though he was.)

  2. Mike H says:

    Mike- Great Idea!

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