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Commercial & Industrial Loans at All Commercial Banks (through December, logged)


Bank Credit (revolving and non-revolving) of All Commercial Banks (last week, logged)


“TED Spread = LIBOR Rate – US Treasury Rate” (3 month)

Today = 1.22% – 0.32% (as of Monday) = 0.9%

At peak of “crisis” it was 3%. Note that the “TED” Spread being higher seems to indicate bank anxiety about lending. And with LIBOR at 1.22% (for whatever reason) means that banks are not requiring much compensation to lend to one another.

Commercial Paper Rate (1 mo. nonfinancial)

Today is 0.32% this is the rate at which nonfinancial businesses can make direct loans to one another on a short-term basis. Historically this has averaged over 4 percent.

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  2. Interesting review. What did you think of Republican Rebuttal?

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