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Given that airplanes have been in the news lately, these questions have been on my mind:

  1. Why are there no clocks on airplanes, but they are all over the airport?

  2. They don’t let me take my shaving kit on the plane, or a full tube of toothpaste for that matter. Yet they handed me a full 12 oz. aluminum can of coke during my last flight. Am I missing something here?

  3. How come in all the years of flying no one has come up with a better way to have passengers load planes? For example, all passengers not requiring overhead storage first? Or window seats first? Or something …

  4. Since I have yet to be on a plane where there has been sufficient carry-on space for passengers (I am the sap who checks all bags), it is surprising that some other rationing mechanism aside from first-come first-serve has not been tried and marketed. Or why there is no mechanism to make sure that those who value getting on late and getting off early can in fact do so. And really, why does everyone get up and pile forward as soon as the plane stops? You are not getting anywhere people.

  5. Irony: Liberty International Airport.

4 Responses to “Fly the Friendly Skies”

  1. nom says:

    1. You’re in a tin can. You can’t get out until it lands – what does it matter what time it is?

    2. Because they don’t know what they put in your tube of toothpaste, but they do trust Coca-Cola.

    3. Almost every time I flew from ROC, they let the back of the plane board first and then the front. Making the window seats board first is bad because you don’t want to separate parents from their children.

    4. Because your legs are tired and you want to get up?

    5. Newark Liberty International Airport was had the “Liberty” part tucked in only after 9/11.

  2. Kevin Lin says:

    Nice answers 🙂


  3. Kevin Lin says:

    To throw another answer to #4:

    There are several rationing mechanisms that exist per airline company, depending on flight. For instance 1-hour local fights will have fewer mechanisms, but international flights have 1st Class, Business Class, and Priority Boarding. These are, indeed, market-based rationing mechanisms.

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