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This is an insanely hilarious story. It demonstrates the massive inconsistencies coming out of Congress and the Administration on a variety of fronts.

  • Inconsistency on the stimulus bill and the budget: Economists Pelosi and Reid indicate that investing millions of dollars to clean up the Congressional power plant surely has benefits that outweigh the costs, but that in the midst of a crisis they are not sure that it would be money well spent. First of all, is that not precisely the opposite of the justification we are getting to support the stimulus bill? That now is the perfect time to be looking to the future. That the bill is choc full of shovel ready projects. I agree with them, if an economic crisis is not the proper time to be making these expenditures, then what justification whatsoever do they come up with for the spending of $800 billion in the recent stimulus bill, the $700 billion in the Bush bailout, and the $1.75 trillion in deficit spending that Che Obama is proposing we spend?
  • Inconsistency on the Damage and Benefits from CO2 Induced Global Warming: The article reports that the cost of cleaning up each ton of carbon dioxide at this plant is $139 per ton. If you read the material from economists Gore, the IPCC and others, they indicate that the damage from CO2 is roughly $30 per ton at most. Just because something causes damage, it does not mean it can be mitigated. Should we spend $139 to reduce $30 worth of damage? Not many of us would do it ourselves, but the folks in Congress and the Administration are embarking on a plan that is about to make us do it at gunpoint. If that is justification for Congress not spending the money on their own house, what justification do they have about making us do it?
  • Inconsistency on the Political Realities in the Global Warming Policy Debate: one of the reasons Congress has not moved forward with cleaning up this plant is because interests from coal states (on the left and the right) have prevented such changes from being made. That wouldn’t happen on a national scale, would it? Not when we are talking trillions of dollars of rents to be had. Of course not.

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