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Students at Fort Hays State think that allowing kids to take prerequisite courses at cheaper “for-profit” colleges devalues their education at Fort Hays State.

  • I suspect that they have no problem with FHSU accepting transfer credits for those students that started at a community college? Does that not threaten professors and their school quality?
  • I suspect that they have no problem with FHSU accepting credits for time students spend in study abroad programs (the biggest farce in academics since … gosh, it might just be the biggest joke in academics … for example, at my old college, professors and their spouses were paid to take kids to hike in New Zealand, drink beer in Scotland, scuba dive in the Caribbean, and it was all given full academic credit – in fact professors were rewarded MORE for doing this than for staying on campus).
  • I suspect that they have no problem with their college accepting AP credits from their “free” public high schools. In fact, I am sure that they would all support an expansion in AP course offerings at their high schools.

Wake up kiddies. Maybe they should make you watch eipsodes of Blues Clues at FHSU – at least you would learn something from that.

2 Responses to “Revolt Against Outsourced Courses”

  1. Brad says:

    This is a fantastic website.
    You might not get “credit” for the courses, but you learn and you can test your knowledge with the professors’ own exams. It’s brilliant. Get Rochester on there, Mike. I want to see your M&B lecture.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey! I learned all kinds of things in my Architectural History course this semester abroad… all kinds of things… but then again, my program would be more similar to outsourcing so who am I to say anything?

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