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I mean really, is this guy serious? So if you admit your first demand to trip a few million out of a 3 trillion budget was “symbolic” what the heck is this?

  • How many federal employees in the department of education will raise their hands and answer, “Eliminate the useless, wasteful and unnecessary Department of Education?”
  • How many employees in the military will answer, “Stop bombing countries all over the world?”
  • How many employees in the federal prison system will argue, “Change the drug laws?”
  • How many office workers in Health and Human Services will argue, “Privatize Medicare?”
  • How many office workers in the IRS will argue, “lets move to a flat consumption tax?”
  • How many workers, anywhere, would respond with, “let’s all work harder?”

I would be willing to vote that the median answer will be closer to … “suck in stomach, release hinge from belt, pull the belt from both ends, insert hinge into next hole, release breath”

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