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Now the Executive Branch wants to step in and not just be the auto czar, but the executive pay czar for all companies. True liberals are regularly mocked for making slippery slope arguments. And what happens when we find ourselves wallowing in the mud at the bottom of the slope, after being demonstrably right for the zillionth time? Could this be coming to America too? No, no way.

2 Responses to “Is There Any Question?”

  1. Harry says:

    During the campaign Obama and others invoked the Comparable Worth doctrine, and it was missed by nearly everybody I heard or read. This hearkens all the way back to the mid-1960’s. It goes all the way back to Marx; maybe it goes back to Plato. The idea is that someone can determine the proper value of a bulldozer operator versus a harried “customer service” representative, but we all knew what that meant: the feminist librarian should be paid the same per hour as the mysogynist machine operator, both of whom should be paid more than the philandering traveling salesman on commission, or the Vice President of Sales, cold-rolled steel.

    I, for one, think economics professors should be paid fifty percent less than sociology professors. But what do we do with Peter Singer or Paul Krugman? A negative hourly rate, as in the more you talk, the more we take?

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