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Inspired by my recent trip to the Monroe County DMV:


By the way – I got there at 1:15. When I returned at 3:30, the wait was STILL over 2 hours for me, and for the rest of the poor souls who thought to come by leaving work early – they had a 4 hour wait. I will not burden you with the obvious economics of this situation, but let me remind readers that this is the third time I had the same experience in a two-week period. I’d like to encourage readers to think about what would happen in a private organization if such a queue existed even one time, much less every time customers attended.  And I understand that this is not what people are proposing for our health care system, but once the “optional” government insurance plan gets started up (and it will) and it encroaches on more and more of the medical sector, and when costs still continue to rise, you wait and see what happens (no pun intended).

The nice part of the pathetic existence of the DMV and other similar institutions is that as long as they continue in their extortionary incompetence,  I have something to clearly show people how government really works. Once some smart politician wisens up and shuts these operations down, I will be left blogging about the harder to see, but far more awful corporatism that is now overwhelming the country.

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  1. Michael says:

    I don’t know how, but in Jefferson City, MO I almost never wait. They also have free popcorn and soda at the DMV. I just got my plates renewed last weekend. I got there with one other person in line, and after about two minutes, two spots opened so both of us that were waiting were able to go. I was done fairly quickly and barely got a soda by the time my mom was done getting her liscense renewed. It’s a different story 30 minutes north in Columbia, the lines are a lot more significant.

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