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  1. Blame markets for everyone not having formal health insurance
  2. For political expediency, make everyone get health insurance
  3. Do not allow consumers choice in the types of health insurance they purchase, or where they purchase it from
  4. Get input on design of reform from the private insurers, union representatives, and academics who are smarter than you
  5. Watch “system” expenses skyrocket, as most predicted
  6. Blame capitalism
  7. Change the way payments to doctors are made  (your insurance company, on your behalf, pays your doctors a subscription fee for the privilege of treating you for a year) … this is where we are no, the following steps to come soon …
  8. Watch new system leave behind the less healthy and lower income
  9. Watch new system encourage wealthy to seek care elsewhere
  10. Watch private practices reduce amount of care offered sick people, and more aggressively seek out healthier patients to enroll. On the upside, perhaps I could actually have found a primary care physician in my area. I have not seen a doctor in something like 5 years, yet have paid (between myself and what my employer contributes on my behalf) something on the order of $50,000 for medical insurance over that time.
  11. Politicians blame doctors for not using the most advanced medicine on most patients
  12. Politicians blame capitalism for the costs in this “new” system going out of control
  13. Politicians blame greedy insurance companies for their high profits
  14. Further central planning is proposed and adopted, and “new” payment system is scrapped

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